Mar. 21st, 2007

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to the most Tony Bourdainish, wise crackiing, wrong in that good way sort of bloke I know,

[ profile] 3ravensringo!!!

May all your knife blades be solid. :)
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- Taxes
- Getting a final amount together to send to team Wench- looking at about $125. Woot!
-Listening to "The Law of Attraction Part II- the Processes" Courtesy of Really good. Giving me lots of ideas for:
- making my Wisdom Cards- need to do one a day and ONLY one a day.
- Want to get in more meditation
-Studying for a big test on Friday, then I have another class next week, then a week off, then a BIG 200 point final.
-Need to get my transcripts sent to Huntington College of Natural Sciences so I can sign up for the last 2 of my prerequisite classes.
- Medical reimbursement from last years Flex Spend account- due by April 15th!!
-signed up for a "move more" program at work- you get a pedometer and various activities to try. It was free- we'll see how it goes. The kettlebells are workinggreat, but I do need some more cardio in the mix.
- reading Anthony Bourdain's "Les Halles Cookbook". Loving it. Will probably purchase and devour "Kitchen Confidential" next.
-"Amazing Party" telecourse- I'm working real hard on just relaxing, not focusing opn where my business is NOW, but where it can be. I'm goign to be totally re-doing my show in the next few weeks. I'm also planning on offering a "dress rehearsal" opportunity, so if someone wants to host a party and get 15% credit instead of 10%, let me know. :)


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