Mar. 1st, 2007

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At least, I'm affirming and believing that my capacity to handle stress and life is growing.

I have so many things I want to do- Temptations, School, event volunteering.

I hope the last one doesn't fall by the wayside, but I want to get better at asking for and accepting help on all three, and accepting that maybe some things are going to fall out.

I'd like to think I'll have energy and time for it all, but it just may not happen- so here's where I am saying that and admitting it to myself.

In other news- my teleclass on Amazing Parties looks to be a good investment, and I'm going to make this FUN, dammit!

Listened to the 40 day prosperity plan in the car, and it's a little christian-heavy, but there's a lot in it that I think is valuable. The next step will be to listen to it, take notes, and rewrite and re-record the affirmations to listen to in the car, etc. with a little less christ/god/lord and a little more Inanna. :)

We leave for the cruise saturday morning. Tonight is laundry/inventory/start packing/bra shopping.

Work is being busy, but oddly doable.

Dammit- I have to get my A&P homework done too! GRAH!


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