Feb. 13th, 2007

Wintry Mix

Feb. 13th, 2007 09:33 am
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I should make up a "wintry mix" playlist. I am grateful that work doesn't get on my butt too hard on days like this to be physically present... I'm working from home with the grand goal of crawling to the Post Office shortly to mail out some Temptations stuff.

The snow looks lovely, but I draw the line at driving in ice/sleet/ freezing rain, its just not worth it.

My Reiki Master class/attunement went well- got high from all teh attunements received and given. I'll have the most clean chakra channel soon I'm sure...though teh symptoms of that cleansing are not the best. It's all for the best of causes however.

The club party went ok- not awesome amounts of cash, but I did get a couple of party leads, handed out catalogs and had a nice time. I'm somewhat ambivalent on the parties...I want the business to do well and I am affirming that at every opportunity, but I also want to keep things on an even keel with school and learning. We're doing muscles the next couple of weeks, so I'm a bit stressed about trying to cram that much info into the brain, learning origin, insertion and action of each muscle. Luckily we're not doing all 700 muscles, just the major ones, but its getting that required studying in EVERY day that can be a bit draining.

K and I got our kettlebells yesterday from Dragon Door, and we're learning the box (or rocking) squat and some power breathing to get started. It's...interesting, definitely working some new muscles and it is going to be challenging. I'm actually looking forward to it and the DVD with the russian dude is so delightfully cheesy "comrades ladies" *snort*

This weekend- visitors! and hopefully finishing getting the cash register ready for next weekend's Privateer Feast.


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