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Daily Om's horoscope for Aries
What You Can Achieve
Aries Daily Horoscope

You may need to make important decisions regarding your life situation, but you may notice that you are hesitant about committing to one course of action today. Your indecision could be the result of your fear of making a mistake and possibly losing something that is dear to you. Perhaps remind yourself that no matter what you do, you will always gain from your choices for everything is an opportunity to grow. Keeping this in mind today may assuage your uncertainty enough to look at your situation realistically, which could help you make a more grounded and well-informed decision based on what you confidently feel can move you forward. The act of releasing your doubt could free you up to look around you at the various options with the full knowledge that this is a growing experience. Even if you make a mistake, it will not be the end of the world.

Seeing a choice as something that is a process rather than as a final result will help us make confident choices. When we are afraid that something will happen, we energetically block ourselves. Our indecision actually works against rather than with us. Approaching things with the idea that you stand only to gain from your actions, however, will put you in a positive frame of mind, allowing you to focus on all you are able to achieve today.

vs Brezny:

I'm a big fan of facing your problems head-on and dealing forthrightly with your pain. But what if that approach isn't always best? Renowned psychologist Richard Lazarus said he wanted to "challenge the view that psychological health demands full realism." He believed that some sick people get healthy faster by refusing to admit how serious their problems are. To those in stressful situations, he recommended that they could reduce their anxiety by describing their predicament in a matter-of-fact way. "Avoiding what is painful, to a great extent, seems to serve a positive function," he concluded. Although I'm not sure this strategy is universally applicable, I do recommend it for you right now, Aries.

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